From start to finish, we work for you and with you

Our client work includes finding the perfect location for your home to delivering the tiniest detail in your new kitchen

Blue Crest Builders, LLC takes on the full construction management challenge for you, leads your construction project, and runs the overall coordination between all parties including architects, engineers, subcontractors, vendors, specialists, and civic planning/inspections.



Our pre-construction involvement is the cornerstone to a collaborative and streamlined project execution, and necessary for on time and within budget delivery.  We provide pre-construction estimates for both the architect and prospective client who want to know budget costs prior to finalized working drawings and specifications. We work with both the architect and client from the initial schematic drawing phase to final working plans making recommendations to achieve the client's wish list in light of cost concerns. In this process, we provide support for site use and improvement consultation, material selection, identification of long-lead items, subcontractor recommendations, and building and special permit assistance.


Construction Management

From initial conversations to understand our prospective client’s expectations and requirements as well as budget, to layout, to finding the right architect and engineer for design, to cost estimation, to surveying, to permit assistance, to excavating, to concrete foundation, to framing up the structure, to the placement of the roof and insulation, to plumbing, to electricity work, to wood work, to application selection and installation, to detailed finishes and painting, and to landscaping, we lead the construction operations and manage the whole project. We work with a number of select subcontractors and vendors for various stages of construction. Throughout all stages, we represent our clients’ best interests to make their dream house built within budget and timeline.



Construction is not an industry known for its reliability in pricing, let alone transparency. Unlike most other companies, we provide detailed price estimates in which we share our underlying costs. We challenge you to find a company that is more transparent and competitive in its pricing.

Three Stages of Budget Estimate

Stage 1. Preliminary Pricing

This is “ballpark” pricing, and will be based on comparing your ideas or plans to previous projects and is intended as a way to begin the conversation about costs. The point here is to avoid letting design get too far ahead of budget. Preliminary pricing will not be very detailed, and will typically cover a cost range.

Stage 2. Detailed Pricing

Jointly with our subcontractors, we look at the project in parts  and develop an estimate that will outline the costs by item. Our rule of thumb is that this round will provide you with a cost estimate typically to within 10% of the final, fully specified project. At the same time we will start a list of questions that need to be answered and selections that need to be made in order to progress to Contract Pricing. Detailed pricing tightens the focus, breaks out costs in over twenty five items, and provides a combination of allowances and hard numbers for specified materials.

Stage 3. Contract Pricing

This is the fixed price cost for the scope of work outlined in the final construction drawings and specifications. This price will not be exceeded unless you approve work outside of the scope of the contract. At contract signing we will apply your deposit to the first scheduled payment.

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